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Drain Covers

The Virginia Graeme Baker Law requires that all drain outlets be covered with the anti-entrapment  VGB certified drain covers to prevent body and hair entrapment.

“One of the most horrific ways for a child to be injured or killed in a
pool or hot tub is entrapment.
Entrapment occurs when part of a child’s body becomes attached to
a drain because of the powerful suction of a pool or hot tub’s filtration system. It also can occur when a child’s hair or swimsuit gets tangled in the drain.” (http://www.usa.safekids.org/water/pool.html )

Improve the safety of your pools and spa with multiple drains and protective measures which include VGB approved anti-entrapment drain covers, unblockable drains, and/or a safety vacuum release system to automatically release suction.

Underwater channel drain installation
(http://www.aquastarpoolproducts.com/movies/underwaterRetrofit.html )

New California VGB Deadline
The State of California adopted AB1020 signed by the Governor on October 11, 2009.
The State's guideline mimics the federal VGB mandate. ( http://www.poolsafety.gov/vgb.html)
The State compliance deadline for all commercial pools, spas and wading pools is July 1, 2010.