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Don't get trapped!

Please call today to replace your drain covers with VGB certified drain.

The Virginia Graeme Baker Law requires that all drain outlets be covered with the anti-entrapment  VGB certified drain covers to prevent body and hair entrapment.


“One of the most horrific ways for a child to be injured or killed in a pool or hot tub is entrapment.
Entrapment occurs when part of a child’s body becomes attached to a drain because of the

powerful suction of a pool or hot tub’s filtration system. It also can occur when a child’s hair or swimsuit gets tangled in the drain.”

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Improve the safety of your pools and spa with multiple drains and protective measures which include VGB approved anti-entrapment drain covers, unblockable drains, and/or a safety vacuum release system to automatically release suction.

Underwater channel drain installation
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New California VGB Deadline
The State of California adopted AB1020 signed by the Governor on October 11, 2009.

The State compliance deadline for all commercial pools, spas and wading pools is July 1, 2010.

The State's guideline mimics the federal VGB mandate.



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